One of the most interesting event is St. John's Theatre Celebrations. Fotography - Piotr Michalski
One of the most interesting event is St. John's Theatre Celebrations. Fotography - Piotr Michalski

Piaseczno’s Municipal Cultural Centre is the main organizer of various events which take place in the municipality. The Centre has now extended into a four-floor building in which arts, music, theatre and educational classes for children, teenagers and adults are held. In the biggest settlement in Piaseczno there is also a new cultural centre named Area of Culture. The municipal Public Library has an impressive collection of books containing 150 thousand items. Aside from the main branch/headquarters of the Cultural Centre, there are also eight day rooms and nine library branches.

Events such as Off-spring Festival (in the previous years called Teatralia Sobótkowe), Piaseczno Fair (Jarmark Piaseczyński) or Family Picnic (Piknik Rodzinny) have become a permanent and inseparable part of the cultural life of Piaseczno and its surroundings. Both the market square, the Town Hall’s parking lot and the town park see numerous cultural events in the spring and summer season, including large concerts and regular events such as: Concert at the End of the Summer, Housepital Festival or Wolpreza. Music Market, Ecological and Tourist Songs Festival (Festiwal Piosenki Ekologicznej i Turystycznej) Depressing Song Festival and Świeczowisko (alternative bands gigs in the surrounding of candles and bonfire) are just some of the many cultural events which take place in the municipality.

Jazz music fans gather each month for Jazz Tuesdays, concerts from well-known and highly valued musicians. A project called Bajkowe Niedziele (Fairytale Sundays), attracting whole families to the shows, has been created for the sake of younger citizens. The municipality also supports numerous galas, occasional and integration events organized by local associations and subdivisions of municipalities, e.g. Otwarte Ogrody (Open Gardens) festival in Zalesie Dolne.

On every Friday of July and August, you can take a beach chair and comfortably enjoy the Tenth Muse. The titles of the movies screened are selected by the inhabitans by online vote.

The Regional Museum was created in November 2004. In this venue, aside from a permanent exhibition on the history of Piaseczno and its inhabitants, we can also enjoy numerous exhibitions, temporary expositions, museum lessons, contests and lectures. The Museum is also coordinating field events such as: traditional Easter Fair or annual Jarmark Piaseczyński (Piaseczno Fair) where folk culture and handicrafts from different regions are presented.
Museum’s Opening Hours:

Tuesday and Wednesday 9.00-16.00

Thursday and Friday 9.00-17.00

Saturday 9.00-16.00