Modern, multi-familly housing estates are being built in the town.
Modern, multi-familly housing estates are being built in the town.

What Piaseczno has to offer its inhabitants are comfortable work and living conditions in a friendly environment. On one hand, it is located in the vicinity of Warsaw. On the other, it is surrounded by large green areas and recreation fields and prices are relatively low; both reasons why many modern, multifamily housing estates are constructed within the municipality. Due to this, around 2 thousand new inhabitants arrive to Piaseczno each year; their number has doubled within the last decade. It is for their sake that the municipality is investing more and more into social infrastructure, new nursery schools, schools, sports fields and playgrounds.

The northern part of the town and municipality’s area is expanding very quickly. Józefosław and Julianów, urban areas between Piaseczno, Las Kabacki (Kabaty Forest) and Warsaw, are dominated by terrace buildings. Numerous guarded housing estates with their own infrastructures secure the inhabitants a high standard of living. The municipality has finished sewage installation works in this area; the authorities have also built new public schools complex and put public transport into effect. Many private nursery schools, as well as recreation and sports clubs, are located in the area.

Most areas in the Southern part of the municipality are designed for detached housing. Many individual investments are located in Bobrowiec, Wólka Kozodawska, Jazgarzew, Gołków, Głosków, Siedliska and Baszkówka. Zalesie Dolne and Zalesie Górne are housing estates constructed in the 1920’s, modelled on English garden cities and have a special, residential character. Many historical buildings and natural monuments are located there.