The commune is developing very dynamically. Fotography - Krzysztof Mróz
The commune is developing very dynamically. Fotography - Krzysztof Mróz

Over the years Piaseczno is the leader in the nationwide rankings. Our Commune allocates the biggest proportion of its financial means to technical infrastructure. In previous years, funds were allocated mainly to the development of sewerage system and water supply. Currently funds are used for the development of educational facilities and the construction of roads.

In the budget for 2017 funds in the amount of 110 million PLN from 470 million PLN are intended to cover the investments, investment purchases and repairs. In additional 20 mln PLN from the municipal companies is dedicated to the expansion of the sewage system and the development of district heating network.

Piaseczno is able to offer potential investors and future residents a comfortable working and living conditions in a friendly human environment without losing the advantages of a big city. The key here is good communication with the capital. The municipality spends 10 million PLN for the operation of public transport. In agreement with the ZTM (municipal public transport authority in Warsaw) to Piaseczno drive suburban buses, night bus and internal lines. The municipality co-finances a joint ticket for the train and buses and in 2015 municipality renovated the train station.

The ambition of Piaseczno municipality is to revitalize local spaces in the old part of the city, so as to constitute the identity of this place and integrate people. In 2010, the city market has been restored. In subsequent years, a recreational area in the Hills Simon in Zalesie Dolne has been renovated. Currently, the city park in the center of Piaseczno is rebuilt. Municipality modernized and expanded most of the schools in their area. Some of them (in Józefosław and in Zalesie Dolne) increased theirs surface area by 70 percent. In 2017 the municipality started construction of the Centre for Educational and Multimedia, which is complex, involving a new school, a kindergarten and a modern Multitek in the city center. The investment cost is 50 million PLN. The municipality is also investing in sports facilities. Municipality modernized municipal stadium, where the full-size sports field with artificial turf (certified FIFA) was created, as well as facilities for athletics running track of the highest standard. In the nearest time, the community wants to cover side football pitch with the roof and build a new grandstand on the main pitch. Piaseczno also has built the largest and most modern skatepark in Mazovia. Currently municipality is planning a roof for it.